Building A Virtual World

Marlyn’s team of Creative Technology Directors, Designers, Technical Directors and Stage Managers manages the entire process from inception to the final cue.

Transforming a live event to a digital streaming experience can be a daunting task. Marlyn Productions is here to help guide you through process. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination in the digital world of communication. You can reach 4 to 40,000 people with a touch of a button through streaming platforms that connect people all over the globe. In your virtual world, you can be in your office, on the beach or in downtown Manhattan with use of green screen technology. Or using virtual technology, Marlyn can construct a world that tells your story and allows your audience to go beyond the spectator experience.

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Digital, Virtual and Hybrid experiences

From design to execution, our experience is what your brand needs

National or International meetings or conferences can evolve into same day regional events by hosting a Hybrid Event. A small group of thought leaders can come together in a space that allows for physical distancing and professionally produced content to be broadcast to individual constituents. Those constituents can gather in a space that allows for appropriate physical distancing or remain in the privacy of his or her individual space.

We can help you make the big decisions

Time is almost never on your side when you are trying to pivot a large event to a new platform. Analysis paralysis is not going to serve you or your brand. We will get your event moving by:
  1. 1. Assessing what content is most critical to your message
  2. 2. Determining what options are available to capture content
  3. 3. Identifying what technologies are fit for your event
  4. 4. Helping you bring your KPIs to the correct medium

We build a team for you

When you are live whether on camera or in person, there is no second chance to get things right. An extraordinary level of clarity with Producers, Designers, and Digital Platform Vendors will ensure that your digital event is crafted to execute flawlessly.

We provide virtual event services:

  • Digital Experience
  • Digital Broadcast
  • Live streaming
  • On-demand Streaming
  • Event broadcast
  • Webinars
  • Virtual events
  • Virtual learning
  • Virtual roundtable
  • Virtual experiences
  • Web conferencing
  • Hybrid programs (live and virtual)
  • Chat rooms

Is Marlyn Productions Right For Your Event?

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