Eating Healthier on the Road

You know the challenges of living on the road, especially when it comes to food. You work 6 AM to midnight day after day eating client-catered food. Sometimes it’s really good, sometimes not so much, but most of the time there are choice. Making the right choice is not always easy; sacrifices may need to be made. What looks really good and satisfying often times is bad for you. How do we make it easier to make the right choice?

What am I doing to make the right choices? First, I started to eat vegetarian whenever I can. These days most catered lunches include a salad so I eat plenty of salad. My thing goes something like, “what food do I want with me all day”? Vegetarian dishes tend to be lighter.


Next, try to have breakfast before going to the job site. Pre-purchases dried fruit, granola bars, and nuts make a healthy breakfast or if you have access to room service, order breakfast. This way you can control what you eat and won’t be tempted to eat from the carb laden crew table.


Also consider making a plate at the crew table and then take it outside. Just getting away from the ballroom or work area allows you to enjoy your food more and make it more satisfying.

Lastly sit with crew members that will support your efforts to eat healthier. Eating is a social activity; use that to your advantage.

These are some of my pointers. I understand that is can be difficult to make healthy choices but hopefully these will help you as you work to living a healthier life on the road.

One last suggestion, as a TD I am often responsible for ordering the meals. Talk to your TD about ordering healthy choices. Maybe he or she can help out.