A Favorite Health Tip

One health tip that has been really helpful to me, I learned from former quarterback and Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw. I was on the show where Starwood Hotels & Resorts launched their plan for building gyms in all their hotels & resorts. Bradshaw’s tip was simple. “immediately after you get into your hotel room for the first time, go to the gym”. It makes you familiar with the property and the gym, you get comfortable with the facility and that makes it easier for you to go and use the gym during your stay.

I treat going to the gym as any other on-site activity that needs to be on my on-site schedule. When booking travel, look at flights that allow me to arrive in time to work out before my first call. I do the same going home. Either I take a later flight so I can exercise before leaving show site or schedule an early flight, so I get home in time to work out. Planning my travel day around my daily workout has become easier over time.

When arriving on-site I give myself an hour and half before committing to my first meeting or call. Meetings and other client requirements can run long so I get my workout in before I attend my first client meeting. I am more relaxed because I have worked out the stress of traveling and don’t have the feeling I need to workout hanging over my head. If I start to feel swamped on show site and being to feel internal pressure to skip my workout season, I remind myself that I would make time for client conference calls during a busy show so why not take care of myself?

After 25 years in this business I recognize a large part of my life is lived on show-site. I need to exercise on show-site as well as at home to remain healthy and scheduling gym time on-site is part of making that happen.