Live Event Technical Direction

A clearly defined path to a successful live event, is what sets us apart from everyone else.

On every job, Marlyn Productions strives to be the most consistent, creative and hassle free technical production partner with whom you’ll ever work. We know that creating a spectacular environment begins with selecting the right crew and ensuring that they have the right tools to do their best work.

Our goal is to uphold and where possible technically enhance the creative vision of the designers, writers, and producers with whom we work. We accomplish this while paying careful attention to budget and deadlines.

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Our technical direction services include:

Venue Assessment/Site Surveys

Before every show, our goal is to establish an extraordinary level of clarity in our communications. We will obtain detailed measurements, research the venue details, and provide preliminary space plans to ensure a thorough venue drafting process. We coordinate with the client, the union, and all relevant parties involved in the execution of the event. This preliminary work is crucial and builds a solid infrastructure for your event to run on.

Technical problem solving

Our experience running thousands of shows that have been viewed live by millions of people, allows us to get in front of most challenges. The existence of electrical power, communications, rigging, transportation, local ordinances and permitting requirements can sometimes decide whether a venue is suitable for an event. To ensure your event is executed as smoothly as possible we will work with the venue and all relevant parties, to develop a plan to overcome these challenges in advance.

Complete technical planning

Marlyn Productions brings decades of experience to every event. We understand the level of coordination and planning required to execute your creative vision. Your event will benefit from our up-to-date technical expertise, worldwide buying power, and our ability to navigate successfully through a dynamic environment with many stake-holders.

Vendor Coordination

We bid out to multiple third-party vendors and work with the venue labor management, food and beverage vendors, local permitting offices, and local authorities. This helps to ensure that your event stays on budget and all on-site operations function successfully.

Space planning

Our team will produce CAD drawings, 3D renderings, and equipment specs to help ensure that all the event elements fit perfectly. This helps to prevent extra costs or sudden plan alterations that may cause stoppages and jeopardize your event. This phase also allows you to know beforehand how your event will look, how all the moving pieces will function together, and make any desired changes or tweaks.

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