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How do you roll?

That was the question that was put to the public. Do you hang your toilet paper over or under?

Concentric Communications was asked to find out the answer, and Marlyn Productions was there to help stage the event. The Event was the launch of Cottenelle’s marketing campaign. The goal was to create an environment inside the Good Morning America Studio where people can come in, have a little fun and of course cast your vote. A voting booth was designed so you not only cast your vote but you have a picture taken of yourself as well. Stations where set up to share and debate your passion on camera. For the fun, a game set up so you can race against your friends. All of the images and videos where then put up on the LED screens in Times Square just in time so you can see yourself sharing your answer with the world. So, how do you roll?


I loved having control of the LED Screens in Times Square. If for only for 4 hours. - mjg