• A Load In
  • B view in Park
  • C view from Park
  • D
  • E

BOA Zero Zone

Concentric Communications and Bank of America were working on creative ideas to showcase a new trading service.

When they approached Marlyn Productions, Inc. there was a concept and a developing design. Working hand in hand with the creative director and designer we started on a journey that ended after one of the rainiest load outs I can remember.

We had 36 hours to build and load in the interactive Zero Zone. The venue – Bryant Park a jewel of the NYC park system. The structure – a 40’ x 80’ free standing transparent exhibit where part of the architecture were columns of LED walls. The secret – 2 21’ $0 signs located on either side of the structure that needed to be erected over night so no one would see them until the launch.

Taking every extra precaution to preserve the beauty of the park while working on a tight budget, we commenced construction. 36 hours later a free standing exhibit space that “sprang up like a mushroom” was opened to the public.