• A Flowers
  • B TOH with SIgnage
  • C Opera
  • D Toh
  • E DYT
  • F Great Hall of the People
  • G Sports Round Table
  • H Cultural Round Table

Fortune Global 2007

Hosting 600 CEO’S, executives and spouses to a world-class forum. Day I was filled with 3 round tables hosted by Time. Arts & Culture, Sports, & Financial, followed by an opening ceremony where the Chinese ministry of culture partnered with Fortune Magazine. Performed at the Temple of Heaven. It took over 300 performers, 400 Stage Hands and 500 Waiters. It was an event that spread through the entire city.

Day II, the Forum begins at the Diaoyutai state guest house
The day’s forums where followed by an evening at the Great Hall of the people.

Day III was more forums at the Delyutai and of course strike.

Marlyn’s Role was as Show Director and Technical Directors’ took us to Beijing 4 times. Paving the way for our Lighting Designer and Audio Engineer to perform their duties under the watchful eye of the Chinese government. We were able to meet their standards as they let us to continue to work in there sacred historical venues.

Logistically laying out the flow of the event, the load in of the event and the design. We partnered with the Chinese safety commission, Ministry of Culture, among other government agencies.